The Classic Bears 25-30 cm



All the Classic Bears are made of Schulte or Helmbold Mohair.

They have glass button eyes and an embroidered lightly waxed nose.

Their paws are made of woolfelt and they are stuffed with poly fibre and steelshot for weight.


Aishley  22 cm / 9,84 inch

Aishley is made of Schulte tip mohair, pile 23 mm

She is wearing a knitted suite from silkhair  yarn and

a mathing bow with handstitched embroidery.

€ 99.00

Quincy  27 cm / 10,63 inch

Quincy is made of Steiff Curled Mohair (medium dense)

pile of 23 mm and is wearing a handmade dress

with lace, a jacket  and a matching lace bow.

€ 129,00

© Copyright Bruijntje Bear

Quinn  27 cm / 10,63 inch

Quinn is made of the same Mohair as his Sister Quincy.

He is wearing a jacket, trousers and a scarf.


€ 129,00

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